• Dr. Rahul Arora

Senior Consultant – Consultant Physician & Hematologist at RST Cancer Institute and Researchers Centre, Nagpur

Trained at – MD (Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital), DNB Hematology (Sir Ganga Ram Hosiptal)

About Dr. Rahul Arora

Dr. Rahul is a Consultant Physician & Haematologist at RST Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Nagpur with over years of experience in the field of Oncology and Hematology. He also brings forth his experience as a Consultant and BMT physician at CIIHO, Nagpur, as Associate Consultant in Department of Medical Oncology/Hematology/BMT at Asian Hospital, Faridabad, as House officer in Chest and Medicine Department at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and as an ICU Senior Resident in Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Rahul has several achievements in academics such as 1st Position in Poster presentation in the annual conference conducted by Delhi Society of Hematology Titled “Hereditary Spherocytosis: Determining the best diagnostic test between flowcytometric Osmotic Fragility Test, EMA dye binding test and conventional Osmotic Fragility Test" in the year 2016, Poster presentation in ASH Update 2017 conducted by Mumbai Hematology Group in Mumbai and has also been a major contributor in multiple publications such as ‘Successful Treatment of BK Virus Haemorrhagic Cystitis (HC) Post Allogenic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation with Low Dose Cidofovir’ in the year 2017, ‘Flow cytometric osmotic fragility test and eosin-5'-maleimide dye-binding tests are better than conventional osmotic fragility tests for the diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis’ in the year 2018, to name a few.

Dr. Rahul continues to add value in the field of medicine as a consultant physician and haematologist along with active participation as a member of Mumbai Hematology Group, Delhi Hematology Group (Delhi Society of Hematology) and Youth member of International Physician for Prevention Of Nuclear War (Central India).