About Oncmonk

Staying calm is no ordinary feat. But that’s what we are here to help you with.

We, at OncMonk, are dedicated to bringing equanimity and stillness in the life of people diagnosed with cancer.

Just as a Monk is devoted to fostering a connection between the society and a higher being, we commit to moulding a purposeful bond between the patient and the Doctor in these uncertain and difficult times.

We wish to reach out to all sections of the society, especially those who are devoid of proper medical care.

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As every individual’s prognosis is different, we strive to provide advanced personalised recommendation plans for each patient, that are curated and reviewed by our renowned Oncologists from across the country.

In today's advanced technological era, we have created a secure and comfortable virtual space for the patients, equipped with the best of the consultation in terms of treatment and nutritional needs, thereby a holistic approach towards patient care.


Doctors with more than 20 years of experience


The patients we have helped

OncMonk is keen on empowering the patient experience with respect to preference, needs, accessibility, timely response, and cost-effectiveness, which are the core driving values that guide all the clinical decisions.


We will become Asia’s specialized healthcare company of choice, providing patients and clinicians access to high-quality novel medical solutions for life-threatening diseases.


Advancing patient care via digital platform for best-in-class consultation coupled with nutritional and medicinal requirements. We offer patients the choice of quality clinicians and premium life-saving medicines via our established network of doctors and drug-distributors, in a timely and economical mode.